one hour

Next Sunday will be the last milestone of my Triathlon experience.

3 years ago, I was slowly getting back into shape after a couple of years break due to a back injury. I took on swimming, then could start running again.

One day, I was on a shooting to make a little promo video for my friend Dave and we were taking images of a triathlon at Dorney Lake.

That was the second time I was watching a Triathlon. The first time, I was running by an event back in 2004 and though that I could never do that.  This time it was different, I felt I had to try, at least once.

Few months later, I entered my first Sprint with my single speed and no wetsuit. It was my birthday, I had fun all along and a good laugh.

I casually entered an Olympic distance then build up the next season with few more events : a Sprint, an Olympic and 2 middle distance.

In the meantime, I changed my life habits, a healthy nutrition, started training more. I became much more active and spent a lot more time outdoor, meeting likeminded people.

Being my best.

I will never be a winner, but when I do something, I always try my best. More than challenging myself, it’s about making the best of every minute of freedom I can get : don’t you ever wonder how is the view from the top of that hill? If you are a little bit faster then you can reach the top a bit more quickly, and the next one…

I dedicated myself to the training, to experience it fully : for the past 3 years, I have spent 1200 hours of training, and logged a bit over 1000 training sessions of running, swimming, cycling and yoga.

It may seems a lot, but when you think about it, 3 years represent 26 297 hours, so what are 1200 hour if 1 hour a day.

Focus on real.

For me, one of the hard thing was to learn how to love being outdoor despite the weather conditions : running by night in the cold winter, cycling with the wind and the rain, swimming in freezing water or melting in a hot yoga class. Somedays you don’t care, others are a bit tougher but you do it anyway, this is where it becomes rewarding : Whatever you feel, embrace it.

As I reached a point where being out for few hours swimming, cycling or running do not scares me, I’m going to race this event with joy. Life is always full of surprises, sometimes things get in the way, but if you keep moving, you go through pretty much everything. So this is my celebration : I’m the healthiest I can be and feel grateful for that 1 hour of freedom everyday.

When I look at it, I feel rewarded how I used this hour : I shared experiences with inspiring athletes and made a lot of friends on the way.

And if I had to choose few memories from it :

the daydreaming sensation of swimming in the clear waters of that lake looking at the reflection of the sunlight caught on the bubble I do with my hands.

  • the intensity of racing side by side elbows touching with my friend Marie.
  • the toughness of cycling across the countryside under the snow with my friend Dan on a Sunday morning.
  • the inspiration feeling you get by running to the highest point of Bristol before sunrise with my friend Spencer and the dog.
  • the incredible support of my friend David when I raced my first Olympic.

Sunday I will be racing my first long distance triathlon, with 3.8km of swimming, 180km bike ride and 42km run. I am well trained and prepared this, still I know it’s going to be hard to finish this marathon so to keep me motivated,  I was thinking I could dedicate to my friends the last km. So pick yours and I will run this km for you.

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